Launch Group becomes Launch PR

Launch Group becomes Launch PR

Today, Launch Group becomes Launch PR.

Just over a decade ago we started out in life as an agency called … Launch PR.  But we decided to switch to Launch Group about six years ago to reflect our growing ‘all-channel’ capability across media relations, digital and experiential.

Now, we’re simply Launch PR again.  Why?  Well it’s mainly a clarity thing.  All kinds of marketing agencies are playing, or at least trying hard to play, in the ‘channel-neutral’ space these days.  Clients are confused.  We want to be very clear about what’s at the beating heart of our offer.  And (seriously good) PR it is.

What hasn’t changed a bit is our project ethos and approach.  We’ve always felt that, even with very long term clients, a project approach keeps things fresh, focused and highly accountable.

So Launch PR we are.  Unretained and still very much unrestrained.

Oh, and Launch red has become Launch blue.  Although, please don’t tell Sir Richard Branson (or Manchester United).  They were the part inspiration back then, and still are!

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