House of Hyundai – a major brand campaign exploring how emotions affect the senses when we drive

House of Hyundai – a major brand campaign exploring how emotions affect the senses when we drive

Hyundai Motor UK obsesses about how it can make people’s journeys that bit better – now and in the future.

So to inspire drivers to have a better drive, we produced an extraordinary campaign that explored how the senses affect our emotional state when driving.

Built around the launch of the new Hyundai IONIQ – the world’s first hybrid, electric and plug in car – the campaign started with an experiment conducted by Patrick Fagan, behavioural psychologist from Goldsmiths University London. With our guidance, Patrick’s experiment ‘sense tested’ 1,000 drivers to see how sound, sight, smell, touch and taste provoke emotional responses in different driving scenarios.

The study found there are two dominant emotions: happiness – intrinsically linked to a sense of freedom when driving, and anger when drivers feel out of control.


We used the data from the research and combined it with cutting edge technology to create the world first Driving Emotion Test (DET). This unique experiment involved facial coding technology, eye tracking analysis, galvanic skin response and a heartrate monitor to record how specific stimuli impact our emotions when we’re driving. The results were then fed into specially-created software to provide subjects with a unique DET score.

hyundai-ioniq_det-79high-resWe also produced an online version of the DET test for the general public, but to give people a real sense of what the near and further away future of driving may hold, we brought together a range of innovations to provoke thought and position Hyundai in front of an intellectually curious.

These innovations were showcased at House of Hyundai, a stunning three day sensory experience in London’s Soho comprising six zones made up of the five key senses, as well as a sixth sense, Project IONIQ – an initiative that brings together researchers and academics to look at the future of mobility.

The ‘sense’ zones at House of Hyundai were curated by:

  • Borre Akkersdijk, a textile innovator whose Lab ByBorre design studio is developing a new interface between humans and computers including cold plasma technology. Borre’s technology could mean the car seat of the future could even clean pollution from the air
  • Perfumier Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays, who uses cutting edge techniques to create hand-crafted perfumes which are highly personalised. Sarah will be exploring the future of in-car scent
  • Candy Mechanics, a firm which combines 3D technology with food production to create sweets modelled on, well, just about anything. The ‘mini candy factory’ it is bringing to House of Hyundai will show a completely new take on the traditional car sweet
  • A team from Blackbee Films will be showing what happens when you combine cinematography principles with drone filming and apply both to the UK’s best driving road
  • Spotify, the Swedish tech firm that put the ‘main’ into stream when it comes to music. Being at the forefront of some of the world’s biggest curations has allowed Spotify to compile the ultimate driving playlist, which we’ll be playing throughout the evening

house-of-hyundai-4The campaign has so far generated hundreds of pieces of coverage across a huge range of titles (including this video from ad industry bible Campaign), as well as huge social engagement, positioning Hyundai as an automotive pioneer which uses cutting edge technology to improve not only the cars it makes, but the complete driving experience.


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