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Mar 2014

Public service broadcasting?

As I write this, the petition to ‘save BBC3’ from being removed from our TV screens and turned into an exclusively online channel has hit over 210,000 signatures. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against the principle of online TV. Despite the excellent points made recently by my… Read more

Mar 2014

Times aren’t chang(.org)ing

“Tom Cleverley, owner of 13 England caps, six more than Ross Barkley, Adam Lallana and Leon Osman combined, has been regularly selected by Roy Hodgson in his squads without possessing any genuine qualities whatsoever.” This is the gambit to an online petition calling for Tom Cleverley to be banned… Read more

May 2013

Everyday Office Heroes – Revive From Lucozade

We recently started working with GSK on a project to promote Revive from Lucozade, and we are very pleased to share some of the first fruits of the campaign with you – It’s Everyday Office Heroes, presented by Alex Zane, and starring certain members of the Launch team. The… Read more

Mar 2013
Bald is beautiful

The Always On Era Of Consumption

In my role as Launch’s social media lead, I spend a lot of time reading up on the latest thinking and trends across the digital landscape. There are so many great publications and great writers out there, you are almost spoiled for choice.  And while it is highly informative… Read more

Mar 2013

Writing For Social Media

School is a weird place, teachers are weird people. They appear to be promoting intellectual freedom, but they’re not, are they? They want us all in academic captivity.  For example, I took English at school, and I remember my English teacher showing me a syllabus and telling me ‘You… Read more