eBay parts & accessories

eBay parts & accessories


We support trailblazing company eBay across consumer, creative projects and issues management in the UK.  Its motoring Parts & Accessories business is an important division of the company, and eBay asked us to develop an integrated programme to raise its profile and drive engagement.

The first part of our creative solution was the eBay Car Challenge, a unique content driven campaign that challenged amateur car restorers to tell us their restoration stories in return for choosing three of them and giving them a fund to restore their beloved motors.

Driven by media relations and social, we secured over 800 entries in six weeks.  This culminated in an experiential showcase called eBay Restoration Live. Staged by us at the famous Silverstone Classic in July 2016, eBay a team lead by racing driver and car restorer Fergus Walkinshaw restored a vintage Range Rover, live, in just three days using parts sourced from eBay.  View the stunning video here.

And the results?  A hundred pieces of media and social coverage, with the timelapse videos from Restoration Live reaching more than 400,000 people via Facebook alone. Tweets between the Friday and Monday of the Silverstone weekend gained more than 315,000 impressions, as current and new eBay Parts and Accessories fans soaked up the brand new content.  Mission Accomplished.