Retail PR: holidays, high street & high fashion

Retail PR: holidays, high street & high fashion


Shopping is in Launch’s DNA. Window shopping, summer discounts, January sales – you name it. We’re obsessed about everything from the shop floor to the retail detail of Christmas trading reports.

That’s why our campaigns for Virgin Holidays and ongoing work with BDO and Faber-Castell are so successful.

To make the launch of Virgin’s first high street travel emporium fly, we put a call out through social media for people to come down to the store in their swimwear. Yes really. To win a holiday. Only catch was it was on December 28th and freezing. Next day, complete news page splashes of the photos (which had been carefully choreographed) led to an attributable rise in sustained sales interest.

Virgin Holidays, like any travel business, always needs a spike of customer awareness just after Christmas to encourage people to buy winter getaways. To boost footfall at its high street outlets the following year, we ran a picture stunt that turned swimwear-clad models into human billboards spelling out #TANUARY – the strapline from the January advertising. The models were joined by Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and dispatched to high streets in London, Manchester and Glasgow, resulting in stand-out national coverage. More importantly, Virgin Holidays saw the biggest spike in sales for a January promotion to date.

Top accountancy firm BDO set us a somewhat different retail challenge. Two years ago it asked us to turn its raw proprietary high street sales data into a national story, which we’ve done ever since. But not only have we been able to generate coverage across the business pages of the nationals every four weeks, but the BDO High Street Sales Tracker is now something retail journalists rely on to provide them with a bellwether for consumer spending. We also advise German stationery company Faber-Castell on their UK PR programme. The company recently crowned Launch PR the best PR agency in Europe thanks to our targeted brand PR campaigns.