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Mar 2017

Behind the scenes at Silverstone Classic

eBay’s amazing Restoration Live experience at the Silverstone Classic sees a vintage car restored in just three days in front of the Classic’s huge audience of car enthusiasts. But the build-up and planning goes on all year, and a key moment is the Silverstone Classic media day. The media day… Read more

Nov 2016

House of Hyundai – a major brand campaign exploring how emotions affect the senses when we drive

Hyundai Motor UK obsesses about how it can make people’s journeys that bit better – now and in the future. So to inspire drivers to have a better drive, we produced an extraordinary campaign that explored how the senses affect our emotional state when driving. Built around the launch of the… Read more

Sep 2016

Retail Detial

Sep 2016

The hunt is on

PRWeek ran an interesting piece recently on brands sending people on Snapchat ‘scavenger hunts’. Scavenger hunts are what Americans call treasure hunts, which gives you a clue as to where these campaigns are appearing. Because you’re probably reading this in the UK, you’ll have missed the chance to stumble across these campaigns organically, so here’s… Read more

Aug 2016
love pr

Do you need to love your work?

This is a reproduced version of a piece that appeared originally on PRmoment. We ‘work’ around 260 days a year.  Or about 2,000 hours.  Quite a lot isn’t it?  And presented like that, well, it seems a bit depressing. And we all know about the supposed ‘work/life balance’.  The apparent… Read more

Jul 2016

Getting the lowdown on investigative journalism

Recently the Guardian held a discussion with the two German journalists who uncovered Panama Papers. I went along and it was a fascinating account into how they revealed the off-shore tax affairs of some of the world’s most powerful people – shining the spotlight on some of the unsavoury doings… Read more

Jul 2016
giphy (1)

Creativity in communications – nature or nurture?

This is a reproduced version of an interview that appeared originally on PRmoment.   I recently caught up with Launch PR founder Johnny Pitt to talk about what it takes to be creative in PR. Is it nature or nurture?  What makes some people more creative than others? Both.  100%. … Read more

Jun 2016

Are you ready for the centennials?

We frequently get PR briefs that want to tap into a millennial audience, but it can only be a matter of time before one comes through with a focus on the next wave of young upstarts. If you don’t know what to call the generation born post-1997, the consensus answer is ‘centennials’ or,… Read more

May 2016

Virtual reality – the ultimate content tool?

It’s been a big month for virtual reality (VR). From Google’s immensely cool VR painting tool, to eBay and Myer creating the world’s first VR department store, to Goodyear’s Driving Academy game, VR is establishing itself as a go-to storytelling content tool. Even Queen guitarist Brian May (right) has got in on the act, releasing a brand new device called… Read more

May 2016

Our Gorkana breakfast with the Telegraph

This morning, Alice and I went to see the two top dogs on the Telegraph business desk for an insightful Gorkana breakfast briefing. Ben Wright and James Quinn, Group Business Editors, provided an insight from the inside, from what happens day to day to how PRs should NEVER leave… Read more

May 2016

You can’t beat a front page splash

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the feeling of getting a client on the front page of a major newspaper. So seeing BDO land on the front page of City AM this month was particularly satisfying. As well as the splash, we hit 10 nationals and three major newswires with a story about the… Read more