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But what's the best thing he's seen on TV in recent months? Find out that and more in the first of our new Launcher Q&As.

Best clients you've ever worked with?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands over the years but two previous clients really stand out, PlayStation (while at Shine/John Doe) and Nintendo (while at 77PR). PlayStation because they pushed us to create campaigns that transcended into cultural areas other than gaming and Nintendo because it is such a fun and innovative company.

Dream client?

Gaming again but I have always said I would love to work with Rockstar Games, they are a studio that has made some of my favourite games of all time and their track record for launching games that become cultural events is second to none. GTA 6 is in the works, and I would bite my arm off to be involved in that launch in some regard, it will be huge.

Favourite Soho lunch spot?

I’d have to say Nando’s Frith Street, simply because the team there were always so generous and kind during my time with Nando’s. They wouldn’t let me leave without feeding me and they regularly let me use the restaurant to work whenever I was in central London. There is also a music studio tucked away in the basement run by my mate Joss who wins the crown as the nicest and most multi-talented person I worked with at Nando’s.

National coverage or viral social post?

Viral social post every day of the week, it would reach more people, and have more potential to spread, syndicate and evolve and if pushed properly we could get National coverage anyway. It's the way things have been shifting for a while now, and we have to adapt to these new ways of earning media.

Best thing you’ve seen on TV recently?

I watch way more YouTube than TV these days (not including Cocomelon and Paw Patrol), but I do still love the big blockbuster series on Netflix/Disney etc… The Mandalorian was a recent favourite.

Favourite food?

I’d have to say American food with Indian a very close second. BBQ, burgers, wings, pizzas etc all washed down with a milkshake and a pint while watching the NBA/ NFL in an NYC Dive Bar is my idea of heaven. While I am not a foodie in the traditional sense (I have the taste of a teenager), I do love food content, F**CK That’s Delicious with Action Bronson is a weekly favourite.

Early riser or night owl?

Not a cop out but I actually enjoy both, preferably not at the same time. I tend to be an early riser during the week but like to stay up late at the weekends. Mainly due to YouTube rabbit holes, not partying unfortunately.

You’ve got a random day off, where are you heading?

Tough one but I’d probably say Brighton, my family are from there and it will forever be my favourite UK summer holiday destination.

Best ever holiday?

This question can only be answered in two parts, pre and post-having kids. Pre-kids, it was heading to Colombia for a mate’s wedding sandwiched in between two weekends in Miami, post having kids it would be our annual family summer trip to Sweden to see Mormor (grandma) and Morfar (grandpa).

The best idea that never happened?

I recorded a music video for Mario Kart 8 with two comedians in Leeds once, surprisingly the team at Nintendo Japan didn’t sign it off. Probably for the best.

Favourite media title?

I still love print and having Good News (the best news agent in London) around the corner from the office is very dangerous for me. As a trainer fan I buy Sneaker Freaker religiously and have every issue except the first three. They sell on eBay for thousands, so I won’t be completing my collection any time soon, unfortunately.

Thursday tipple of choice?

A pint of IPA, or chocolate milk. Again, not together!

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