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Position the brand, in the UK, as a leader in innovation, technology, design and sustainability.


We think IONIQ 5's V2L feature is gamechanging, enabling owners to plug electrical items into the car and use the car's battery to power them. The possibilities on what can be powered are endless. 

We saw that Hyundai owners have been powering everything up to, and including, a pub, which gave us the inspiration for the world's first car-powered hotel, Hotel Hyundai.


The hotel had to reflect the premium nature of the brand's IONIQ 5. Crucially, it also had to work. Everything in the hotel, from the cabin room, to the kitchen, to the drive-in cinema, was powered by IONIQ 5s.

We shared plans and drawings with media before opening for real, both to media, influencers and the public through a competition hosted with Kip Hideaways. 



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