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  • Hyundi Launch-91

    A Streetcar Named Hyundai

    Created by us to mark Hyundai Motor UK’s 10th anniversary, A Streetcar Named Hyundai was a world first initiative that involved developing new technology, mapping, driving, photographing and filming all 16,500 streets in central London, in the zero emission Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell car.  This was done to challenge current… Read more

  • shoppers

    Retail PR: holidays, high street & high fashion

    Shopping is in Launch’s DNA. Window shopping, summer discounts, January sales – you name it. We’re obsessed about everything from the shop floor to the retail detail of Christmas trading reports. That’s why our campaigns for Virgin Holidays and ongoing work with BDO and Faber-Castell are so successful. Virgin… Read more

  • headphones

    Radio, chatter and football – the sounds that help us shop

    In a world first, we recently conceptualised and created the ‘Sound of Shopping’ for eBay – a piece of music that actually helps people shop better. To kick off, we commissioned a ground-breaking piece of qualitative research to explore how sound affected nearly 2,000 online shoppers. Conducted by Patrick… Read more

  • UNP Launch 31302 Zurich Future History Now061

    Zurich lifts off with Future History Now

    On the whole, planning and insuring for the future is not something most of us like to think about very much. So when Zurich Life asked us to help boost its profile and get financial intermediaries to think about it in a new light, we needed a breakthrough idea… Read more

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Done in a day – the inaugural Creative Shootout final

A couple of weeks ago we saw Mischief PR triumph at the live Final of the first ever Creative Shootout, winning the title of the UK’s most creative PR team. The Creative Shootout is of course the new format creativity competition for the marketing industry founded by our own founder and CEO,… Read more

February 8th, 2016 by

Blue Storytelling

I enjoyed working between Christmas and New Year.  Some needed peace and quiet – and time to partially analyse the endless reviews of 2015.  This one caught my eye – from the beeb’s Magazine – about their most ‘unusual stories’ from 2015.  To save you a job, I’ve whittled… Read more

January 8th, 2016 by

The Gif that keeps on Giffing

Will we look back at 2015 as the year of the GIF? While they’re not new (the GIF as we know it was developed by CompuServe in 1987), the sheer volume of GIFs in the world has now reached staggering proportions and their proliferation in branding and popular culture has the feel of… Read more

December 15th, 2015 by

Young millionaires

The Drum reported recently that, “a rise in young UK millionaires is being credited in part to the growing band of emerging entrepreneurs launching startups from their bedrooms.” The story was based on HM Revenue & Customs figures showing the number of young millionaires in the UK rose 6 per cent in… Read more

November 19th, 2015 by
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