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    It ended with a #KissforVEDay

    We’re very proud of our campaign to promote the 70th anniversary of VE Day for The Royal British Legion. World renowned photographer Rich Hardcastle helped us recapture the europhoric spirit that erupted with the end of WW2 in Europe by shooting a series of iconic kissing photographs with stars like Darcey… Read more

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    Retail PR: holidays, high street & high fashion

    Shopping is in Launch’s DNA. Window shopping, summer discounts, January sales – you name it. We’re obsessed about everything from the shop floor to the retail detail of Christmas trading reports. That’s why our campaigns for Virgin Holidays and ongoing work with BDO and Faber-Castell are so successful. Virgin… Read more

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    Radio, chatter and football – the sounds that help us shop

    In a world first, we recently conceptualised and created the ‘Sound of Shopping’ for eBay – a piece of music that actually helps people shop better. To kick off, we commissioned a ground-breaking piece of qualitative research to explore how sound affected nearly 2,000 online shoppers. Conducted by Patrick… Read more

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    Zurich lifts off with Future History Now

    On the whole, planning and insuring for the future is not something most of us like to think about very much. So when Zurich Life asked us to help boost its profile and get financial intermediaries to think about it in a new light, we needed a breakthrough idea… Read more

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When is a case study not a case study?

Last week the Press Association apologised to, and refunded, a number of national newspapers after PRWeek spotted that the subject of one of its ‘real life’ features was in fact an employee of a PR firm representing the product it endorsed. PRWeek ran an interesting analysis of the story, canvassing… Read more

August 21st, 2015 by

Making music (well, streaming it actually)

Just under a week before the launch of Apple Music It’s difficult to know whether the global entertainment giant is quietly cursing Taylor Swift, or secretly delighted with her. On the one hand, she seems to have forced Apple into a rare climb-down, potentially showing a chink in its all-powerful armour… Read more

June 24th, 2015 by

Top of the class of 2015? How to ‘apply’ yourself

So, classes have finished and it’s time to start applying for jobs. So far, your life has been pretty well mapped out.  School (probably some good grades), gap year (for the lucky ones), college (for many, a blast) or a job in a totally unrelated industry. But the PR… Read more

June 9th, 2015 by

Update on the Launch crystal ball

At the end of last year, we made 15 predictions for 2015. Halfway through the year, here’s how we’re doing so far… Crystal clear… Insects are becoming a regular feature on menus Chelsea won the Premier league Boris won a seat – Nigel didn’t Nothing has yet trumped a great… Read more

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