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  • Hyundi Launch-91

    A Streetcar Named Hyundai

    Hyundai recently asked us to develop a campaign to challenge perception of the Hyundai brand in the UK – and help mark its 10th anniversary. Created by us, A Streetcar Named Hyundai was an uber-ambitious feat that involved a new technology build, mapping, driving, photographing and filming all 16,500… Read more

  • SWISS_Attentiveness_Finale_1

    Swiss International Air Lines

    We worked with Swiss International Air Lines to raise awareness of the brand in the UK. We’re part of a global agency network initiative. A recent campaign has focused on creating UK news value for ‘attentiveness’ as a topic (a central idea, driven by Swiss) – particularly on the… Read more

  • PLan a

    Testing organisations’ crisis resilience

    Building a brand’s reputation takes time. Losing that reputation can take minutes. So when we work with clients to help them deal with threats to their reputation, one of the first things we do is some due diligence.  What are the most likely threats to their organisation?  Do they have media-trained spokespeople and a… Read more

  • cityam

    BDO High Street Sales Tracker

    By packaging BDO’s proprietary high street sales data into a monthly ‘High Street Sales Tracker’ index, we’ve positioned the firm as an expert commentator on the high street. Timed to appear ahead of rival trackers, journalists have come to now rely on BDO’s figures to tell them what is… Read more

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Virtual reality – the ultimate content tool?

It’s been a big month for virtual reality (VR). From Google’s immensely cool VR painting tool, to eBay and Myer creating the world’s first VR department store, to Goodyear’s Driving Academy game, VR is establishing itself as a go-to storytelling content tool. Even Queen guitarist Brian May (right) has got in on the act, releasing a brand new device called… Read more

May 27th, 2016 by

Our Gorkana breakfast with the Telegraph

This morning, Alice and I went to see the two top dogs on the Telegraph business desk for an insightful Gorkana breakfast briefing. Ben Wright and James Quinn, Group Business Editors, provided an insight from the inside, from what happens day to day to how PRs should NEVER leave… Read more

May 18th, 2016 by

You can’t beat a front page splash

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the feeling of getting a client on the front page of a major newspaper. So seeing BDO land on the front page of City AM this month was particularly satisfying. As well as the splash, we hit 10 nationals and three major newswires with a story about the… Read more

May 10th, 2016 by

Come and work for us

Due to some fantastic wins and brilliant organic growth, brand PR agency we are looking for a highly motivated  Consumer Account Executive (minimum 6-12 months experience). Must have excellent media relations skills with a growing book of contacts, as well as be familiar with social and digital comms, and be… Read more

March 11th, 2016 by
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